Blonde beer is a fresh type of beer that is accessible to many people. By using less hops than for instance lager, the taste is less bitter. The alcohol content is usually between 4% and 5%, but there are also blond beers with 8% alcohol. The light colour of blond beer, as well as its fresh taste, is perfectly suited for spring and summer! 



Blonde beer was first brewed in Belgium as a variant of double beer. Dubbel was exported to France, but the French were not fans of this dark beer. A clever marketeer came up with the idea of brewing double with a pale malt. The blond beer was born and proved a success.

Blonde beer gets its name from its beautiful golden yellow (blonde) colour. Unmistakable for this beer. Nowadays blond beer is so well known that almost every brewer in the Netherlands and Belgium has a blond beer in his range.

In the UK, blonde top-fermented beers are often referred to as 'pale ales'. Blonde beers in Germany are more often bottom fermented. The term 'blonde' thus refers in most cases to blonde top-fermented beers from our own country, Belgium and sometimes France as well.


In principle, blonde beer is top-fermented. Bottom-fermenting blonde beers are usually called pils. Blonde beers are often made with light malts, such as pilsner malt. Blonde beer differs from pils in three ways. Firstly, it is top-fermented; lager is bottom-fermented. Secondly, blond beer tastes sweeter and fruitier. The third difference is the use of hops. Blonde beer contains fewer hops than lager, which means it also tastes less bitter. The alcohol content of blonde beer is between 4% and 8%.